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To digitally streamline your organization, it is smart to connect different systems. This can be done by means of API links. And by automating manual actions you will work even more efficiently. Myler Media will be happy to help you achieve this. Contact us directly or read more.

Creating API links

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API link allows two (or more) separate software programs to communicate with each other. Your CRM, your webshop and your webshop app for example. Data from one software is sent to the other in a way that both programs understand it. This helps to synchronize data and lays the foundation for automation.
 API is not a universal link. Therefore, linking two programs together always requires customization. Myler Media has a lot of experience in linking all kinds of software and would be happy to help you with your linking issue.



For digital work, automation helps you work more efficiently. This way you don't have to perform repetitive manual tasks, save time and increase productivity within your organization.
Automation is based on the If this then that principle: if a certain action is performed, the next action automatically takes place. For example, it works like this:

  • A potential customer requests a quote via the website. By means of a form he fills in his requirements and details.
  • The potential customer automatically receives an email with an indicative custom price proposal based on their requirements.
  • The new lead is automatically added to the CRM.
  • A salesperson automatically receives an email notification with the details of this new lead. A time is automatically scheduled in his calendar to call the new lead.

Do you also have a need for automation in your organization? At Myler Media we specialize in linking different applications and software. We can help you with all your automation needs.

Need help?

Our developers have a lot of experience with API connections and automation. They will gladly help you to further streamline your organization. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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