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We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. Both native and hybrid. We like to work together, have a transparent working method and write robust code that can take a beating. Would you like to have an app made? Contact us directly or read more.


Our app development services

Through our years of experience and wide range of uses, we create apps of all shapes and sizes. Informative or functional and from webshops, games, news and tools, to business apps and forms apps. You name it! In terms of technology, we make both native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android.


Native apps

Native apps are installed on the user's device. They are developed specifically for iOS or Android, making them a perfect match for the user experience associated with a particular device or operating system. Native apps can also make use of native functionalities - such as the camera, GPS and Face ID. Perfect for more complex apps where functionality and appearance is an important part of the concept.


Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are a cross between web apps and native apps. They are installed on the user's device, but load the content from a web page. The app actually acts as a kind of browser. Ideal for simple informative apps with a somewhat smaller budget. 


What does app development cost?

What functionalities should the app have? How many screens does the app consist of? And what platform should the app be made for? These (and more) questions influence the cost of an app. We think these things through beforehand and immediately give you a clear picture of the expected costs.


Wondering what app development costs with us? Use our handy online price calculator. You will get a free estimate for your specific app idea for iOS or Android. So you'll know exactly where you stand when you entrust your app development to Myler Media.


Our apps

Our developers are proud of what they create and always go for the best result. In terms of functionality, design and ease of use. We are very proud of the many apps we have developed for our satisfied customers.

Discover our portfolio →


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Our working method

We know exactly how to deliver the strongest possible product within budget. To work efficiently, we use the following nine steps in our app development:


  1. Inventory - First, discuss your goals, desires, budget and preferences for the app to be created. Digitally or on location. Without any obligation of course.
  2. Development proposal - After the first meeting we come back with our proposal. In the development proposal you will find the inventory of requirements and a plan of action. Including work and development of app functions.
  3. Noncommittal quotation – Do you like our proposal? Then a non-binding quotation will follow in which we break down the tasks and components. The delivery time is also stated. So you know exactly where you stand.
  4. Functional and graphic design – In the functional design we define the positioning of text blocks, buttons and images. It also tells you how your app works. For example, what happens when you press a button? Which screen do you click through to? In this phase, we also outline the design. Should we maintain a house style? Which design elements improve the user experience?
  5. App development – Do you agree with the design? Then we will build the app exactly as we agreed beforehand. In the meantime, we will show you how far we have got, for example in the form of a prototype. That way you can always make adjustments if necessary.
  6. Testing – Does the app work well on any resolution? Which feature could be faster? Are there any bugs in it? Those kinds of issues come to light in our app tests. You can also test the app yourself and share your comments with us. That way we can fine-tune your mobile app together.
  7. Final Version – We implement all your changes in a final version. Do you agree? Then we'll make your app ready to be placed in the stores. This has to be done according to the set steps and rules of Apple and Google. We are always aware of the latest developments and ensure that your app meets them.
  8. Placement in the stores – Would you like us to take care of the app publication? Then we will take care of the texts, images and screenshots according to the rules of the App Store and Google Play Store. We'll also take care of the App Store Optimization (ASO). This way we make sure your app is easy to find.
  9. Maintenance – Want to make sure your app keeps functioning? Take out a service agreement for app maintenance. Then we'll monitor app performance, perform updates and solve problems.


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Additional Services

App development mainly refers to the functional design of an app. So the coding work. But you can also contact us for additional work.


  • App design – The graphic design of an app is a profession in itself. But our designers and partners are happy to support you with that too.
  • App consultancy – Need a second opinion for your app idea? Or looking for ways to improve your existing app, one-time or ongoing? Make use of our consultancy services!
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) – Being found well in the App Store or Play Store is important for the findability and success of an app. Make use of our knowledge and experience.
  • App maintenance – Bugs, updates from Google or Apple and changes in links with databases or functionalities can mean that your app no longer works properly. With a maintenance contract, you can prevent this from happening.


Outsource app development?

By staying on top of technological developments and applying the latest knowledge, our app development is always totally up to date. Whether it's a functional or informative app, a game, or a forms app! We love apps!


Convinced of how we work and want to outsource your app development to Myler Media? Or would you like to get to know us first? Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.


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