Dice Game

Dice Game is an app that challenges it's users to play thousands of offline challenges. Users are encouraged to discuss, laugh, dance, cook, learn and more. Although the app runs on your phone, the goal of the game is to be less concerned with your phone and to enjoy life around you more.
Branche Entertainment / Games
Platform iOS & Android
Features In-app purchases, data links, wheel of fortune mechanism
Project description
Do you sometimes feel like you and the people around you are more concerned with their phones than enjoying life? Dice Game puts an end to this forever! The purpose of the app is to enjoy spontaneous moments with friends, family or on your own (again). The app challenges it's users to become more adventurous. Wether it's small moments of happiness, or big experiences.

As a user of the app you indicate whether you are alone, with friends or family or with your loved one and let the app know where you are. In addition, the user indicates whether the challenge should be brief or can take all day.

After setting up the app, you throw the virtual dice and the app gives you one of the thousands of challenges ... do you dare to complete this challenge?
Please, develop an application for me too!
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