Instituut Verbeeten

Instituut Verbeeten delivers medical services in the field of radiation and nuclear healthcare (treatments with radioactive substances, among other things). Verbeeten aims at ‘quality of life’, realised by decreasing pain, healing patients and extending their lives. The Instituut Verbeeten is active in the Netherlands in Tilburg, Breda and Den Bosch.
Branche Healtcare
Platform iOS & Android
Features QR generator, database links, newsfeed, GPS
Project description
With the ‘Verbeeten app’, patients have an insight into their appointments anywhere, anytime. In the app the patient can take notes and prepare for an appointment by reporting questions. When arrived at the locations of an appointment, the patient can register himself/herself at an electronic pillar using a barcode in the app. 

Beside the part of the app that was specifically designed for the patient, you can also retrieve general information which is available for everyone. This information consists of news messages, activities, contact information and a route planner. This makes the app relevant also for the patient’s family, for visitors and healthcare professionals. 
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