Every year, Myler Media realises a social project for free: an own initiative or a collaboration with another organisation or person who has a great idea. With this manner, we like to contribute to society.
Branche Social project
Platform iOS
Features Bluetooth connection, QR scanner
Project description
The app ‘Kaartenplankje’ (‘Shelf for playing cards’) allows people who are unable to hold playing cards with their hands, to still play card games. For instance, people who are disabled or suffer from Parkinson disease. Myler Media developed special playing cards with QR codes on the back. A player scans these cards with the ‘Kaartenplankje’ app on an iPhone whereafter the cards appear on the disabled player’s iPad. When this player wants to play a card, he/her taps the card on the iPad. The card appears on the iPhone on the table, next to the pile of cards of the other players. 

Want more information about the ‘Kaartenplankje’ app? Watch the video!

Instruction video (Dutch):
Please, develop an application for me too!
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