Merck Animal Health

MSD Animal Health is part of Merck, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. MSD Animal Health develops medication for animal welfares in 140 countries. Myler Media’s services for MSD consist of consultancy, reviewing apps (developed by third parties) as well as developing apps.
Branche Chemical industry
Platform iPad
Features Checklists, calculator, digital signature, direct order
Project description
The New Practice Program (NPP) application is an iPad app for Merck sales reps. The sales reps visit newly opened or renewed veterinary practices. With this app, a completely new inventory of animal medicines can be ordered immediately. The app replaces (paper) folders and order forms.

  • Error minimization in orders.
  • Faster lead time; orders arrive directly and digitally and in the right department.
  • Legal settlement due to disclaimer and client signature.
  • Cost savings on administration and marketing & sales materials.
Please, develop an application for me too!
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