RAPP-it reflection app

Like MMV, RAPP-it is a result of the collaboration between the University of Maastricht and the KNMG (Dutch federation of doctors). Learning in a working environment becomes more and more important for the education of healthcare professionals. The working environment however is very hectic and therefore valuable learning experiences can be missed. Reflection is crucial and forms the basis for future behaviour. The RAPP-it app offers a solution for this. 
Branche Medical services
Platform iOS & Android
Features Audio & video recording, photo function, security
Project description
The RAPP-it app is a reflection app, which captures learning opportunities in a fast and safe way, in the form of notes, pictures, audio or video. These can be sent to EPASS, in order to be available at another time. Because of the link with EPASS, the security of this app – conform to the highest standards -  have had priority in the development of the app. 
Please, develop an application for me too!
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