Your ideal app design in seven steps

The design is more complex than it seems. The design must also contribute to the ease of use. And the app must project the right image ‒ appropriate for your image, target market and objectives. How do we do that?

1. We determine the primary function
What is the purpose of your app? Using this question, we determine the primary function of the app. Our (UX) designers keep this in mind throughout the entire app development process. So that the design optimally supports the functionality.
2. We do a competitor analysis
The primary purpose is clear. It is time to compare. We look at how the apps of our competitors function. What do they do well and what do they not do well? Which functions are they missing? Perhaps this will give us some new ideas.
3. We determine the target market
A younger target market is attracted to different designs than an older target market. Our experience in the design process has taught us where to place our focus.
4. We look at what the location of use of the app is
Where does your target market use the app: in the car, while walking or the train? This is how we determine the design of your app. The app also then becomes more user-friendly.
5. We create a site map
In a site map, we show how the app pages are linked to each other. Therefore, also, how you can get help on a specific page. And we determine which page is the most important is and if it is easily accessible.
6. We design a wireframe
We put the layout of the pages in a wireframe. For example: where should an animation or button go and how big should it be?
7. We come up with the design
Lastly, the wireframes are ‘coloured in’. We create the design: which colours, font, images and animations shape your app. At Myler Media, we often build apps for businesses. When we do that, we have to take corporate culture into account.

Which design matches your app best? We think this through with you! And which functionality can you include in your type of app? Ask us about the various app design options >>
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