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IoT makes devices smart. This creates new innovative solutions that make businesses more efficient and consumers' lives more fun. Would you like to create an IoT app or device? Contact us directly or read more.


What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. Modern technology makes it possible for devices to communicate with each other. For example, with your smartphone or smartwatch you turn on the lights in the living room, turn up the thermostat or control your television. 


But IoT can also add value within organizations. Think of inventory management or order picking by a robot in a warehouse, VR glasses that support installers in their work or ways to make existing workspaces smarter.


Our IoT services

New IoT solutions are emerging in both hardware and software. As an experienced IoT developer, together with our partners, we can realize the most innovative ideas. 


  • IoT apps – Our developers develop both mobile apps and web apps that can communicate with devices. Because of our broad knowledge and experience we can link numerous systems. This way we create the perfect app for your smart device.
  • Smart devices – Together with our partners, in addition to the software, we can also develop the hardware needed to make a normal device smart.

Our IoT projects

Our developers have years of experience developing IoT solutions. Here are some examples of our projects.


  • iotspot – Platform that facilitates flexible working and makes workspaces smarter. The app has been under continued development by Myler Media since 2020. 
  • AquaSound: N-Joy - High-end waterproof music player. All components are fully integrated. Myler Media developed the app for the corresponding controller.

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Our working method

We like to think along with our customers and are transparent in what we do. Through the steps below, we realize the desired IoT product.


  1. Inventory: First, discuss your goals, desires, budget and preferences for the IoT solution to be created. Digital or on-site.
  2. Development proposal: After the first meeting we return with our proposal. In the development proposal you will find the inventory of requirements and a plan of action. Including work and elaboration of the functionalities.
  3. Quote: Do you like our proposal? Then a non-binding quotation will follow in which we break down the tasks and components. The delivery time is also stated. So you know exactly where you stand.
  4. Research: The hardware component and documentation should be provided. We dive in, do additional research and ask our questions for more clarification.
  5. Functional and graphic design: In the functional design we define the locations of text blocks, buttons and images in the software. You can also read how the various screens and functionalities are linked. In the case of hardware, this functioning is also elaborated. In this phase we also outline the design. 
  6. Development: Agree? Then we will build the IoT solution exactly as we agreed beforehand. In the meantime, we will show you how far we have got, for example in the form of a prototype. This way you can always adjust if necessary.
  7. Testing: Is the IoT solution working properly? Are there any bugs in it? These things come to light during the test phase. You also carry out tests yourself and can pass on your comments to us. This is how we fine-tune until we have achieved the desired end result.
  8. Final version and going live: We implement all your changes in a final version. This is followed by the delivery.
  9. Maintenance and further development: After delivery, we can maintain and further develop the application. We always keep our technical knowledge up-to-date, so that the application is prepared for the future and continues to meet requirements for security and privacy. 

Have an IoT solution created?

We find the world of IoT extremely interesting and are therefore always curious about new innovative concepts. Make an appointment now to discuss your IoT ideas together!

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