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support en onderhoud
Have you had a digital product created? For example, a mobile app or web application? Then it's wise to invest in support and maintenance. That way you can be sure your app will keep working. Myler Media offers different support and maintenance packages.



The health of a digital product is not always in your control. In the case of a mobile app, an update to iOS, or a new device coming on the market, can make your app incompatible. Your users will then no longer be able to use it. 


Then it's a good idea to take out a maintenance contract. For a fixed monthly fee, Myler Media will keep an eye on crash reports, bugs and external developments. If any changes are needed, we will make them as soon as possible. 



Do you want to make a small change to your app from time to time? Or do you like having a specialist under your speed dial? We are here for you. With support from Myler Media, your changes will be made in no time and your questions will always be answered quickly.


Continued development

Good apps are constantly evolving. New functionalities, applying the latest design trends and using the latest technical possibilities. That's why ongoing development is the best way to keep your digital product relevant, user-friendly and technically up to date. By working with Myler Media you will always have access to a whole host of developers who can further develop your digital product!


At your service!

Are you looking for an experienced party to support, maintain or develop your digital product with? Please contact us for an informal meeting. We are happy to support you!

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